The NCDOT currently maintains about 13,500 bridges across North Carolina, ranking our state as 13th in the nation for the highest number of state-maintained bridges.


The purpose of the state-funded NCDOT Bridge Improvement Program is to ensure that the department successfully meets the legislative initiative to commit approximately $450 million in state funds allocated for bridge improvement projects ($215 million in State Fiscal Year 2011-2012 and $235 million in SFY 2012-2013).

Principal Goal

NC Bridge Health Index

The principal goal for using the $450 million in allocated state funds is to "move the needle" of the Bridge Health Index as part of NCDOT’s sustainable infrastructure management program.

Project Procurement Options

The NCDOT initiative, affecting approximately 1,200 of North Carolina’s bridges, will use a number of project purchase methods, including design-build contracts, division purchase order contracts, central let contracts, and Bridge Management Unit contracts. The department will also use a mix of both in-house engineering staff and private engineering firms to perform the necessary engineering design work for these bridge replacement, rehabilitation, and preservation projects.

Project Types


  1. Replace bridge with bridge
  2. Replace bridge with pipes or culverts


  1. Replacing decks, spans, girders
  2. Jacking bridges
  3. Major system preservation


  1. Hydro demolition, resurfacing decks
  2. Painting structural steel
  3. Cleaning bearings / painting bearings
  4. Repairing / replacing expansion joints
  5. Pile encapsulation

Overarching Bridge Program

The state-funded Bridge Improvement Program, as directed by the General Assembly, is a portion of the overarching NCDOT Bridge Program, which uses both federal and state funds. The table below depicts a snapshot of the total number of NCDOT bridge projects expected to be awarded in each Division through the end of 2013.

Forecasted Bridge Projects

Forecasted Bridge Projects to be Awarded Between July 2011 & December 2014
Improvement Type Total
TIP Bridge Rehabilitation (Federally Funded) 11
TIP Bridge Replacement (Federally Funded) 270
TIP Bridge Preservation (Federally Funded) 197
BD Low Impact Replacement (Federally Funded) 295
BP Bridge Preservation (Federally Funded) 36
BK Bridge Replacement (Federally Funded) 9
ST Bridge Preservation (State Funded) 490
ST Bridge Rehabilitation (State Funded) 49
ST Bridge Replacement (State Funded) 955
Maintenance - Bridge Maintenance Funds (State Funded) 356
Grand Total (subject to change as structures are added or removed from program): 2,668

Last Updated: 2014-04-14