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Statewide Local Transit Information

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Best Practices Policies
and Procedures

We have set up this link on the PTD website for all grantees to access the Best Practices - Model Policy/Procedure Templates to assist you in closing open findings.

Five-Year CTSPs
Recently adopted final Community Transportation Service Plans.

Locally Coordinated Plans
Please note, some counties are included on multiple Locally Coordinated Plans.

Travelers' Aid Programs
Provides intercity bus and train tickets for homeless, stranded or indigent travelers.

The N.C. Department of Transportation's Public Transportation Division was created in 1974 by the North Carolina General Assembly to foster the development of intercity, urban and rural (now referred to as "community") public transportation in North Carolina.

In an effort to enrich transit services offered to North Carolina citizens, the Public Transportation Division performs the following functions:

Urban and intercity buses are easily recognizable, but many people are unaware that public transportation services are available in most of the state's rural areas, as well. For more information on these transportation systems, click here.

North Carolina's 99 public transportation systems serve more than 77 million passengers each year in urban and rural areas of the state. Additionally, Charlotte's light rail system now serves more than four million passengers annually. Along with intercity bus, rail, air and ferry service, transportation systems take North Carolinians where they want to go. Economical and environmentally friendly public transportation is here to serve, connecting people and places in North Carolina.

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