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2/4/2016: NCDOT Releases February Rail Report

NCDOT Releases February Rail Report

Posted 2/4/2016 11:21:30 AM

RALEIGH - Check out the February Rail Report, featuring stories on: The 2016 Southeast Rail Forum Dec. 15, 2016 Ribbon Cutting for the First Cars built by Vertex NCDOT’s BeRailSafe Initiative Piedmont Improvement Program Updates And more! Click here to read this month’s Rail Report.   ***NCDOT***
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1/29/2016: NCDOT Makes Improvements to Gaston County Rail Crossing

NCDOT Makes Improvements to Gaston County Rail Crossing

Posted 1/29/2016 11:18:56 AM

RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Rail Division recently made crossing safety improvements at an intersection in Belmont.  NCDOT installed railway-highway grade crossing signals and gates at the intersection of Parkdale Drive and the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. Paid for with funds from both the Federal Highway Administration and the state, this project totaled $250,000. Maintenance funding for the projects will be divided equally between the state and Norfolk Southern Corp. Two freight trains a day travel through this railroad crossing at a maximum of 10 miles per hour. These projects are a part of a comprehensive statewide NCDOT program to enhance highway safety by adding or improving signals and gates at public railroad crossings. Automatic warning devices are now in place at more than 2,600 of the 3,800 public at-grade crossings across the state. ***NCDOT***
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1/14/2016: Governor McCrory Announces Major Transportation Hub Project; Carolina Connector creates jobs, boosts State’s economy

Governor McCrory Announces Major Transportation Hub Project; Carolina Connector creates jobs, boosts State’s economy

Posted 1/14/2016 10:43:40 AM

Raleigh, N.C. - Governor Pat McCrory announced today that CSX plans to build a major shipping hub in Johnston County, continuing his vision of bolstering economic development in eastern North Carolina. Over time, the project could bring 1,500 statewide jobs to North Carolina and provide an estimated $329 million in public benefits to the state. "Enhancing freight movement through eastern North Carolina and the State Ports is a key part of my 25 Year Transportation Vision,” said Governor McCrory.  “I am enthusiastic that CSX, with support from local governments and planning organizations, has proposed this project for North Carolina.” The project, called the Carolina Connector, or CCX, was submitted for funding through the state’s Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) law, which helps fund new infrastructure. It will create a transfer hub and shipping facility that would offer a number of transportation and economic benefits to the region. “The CCX will maximize both public and private investments for economic development and job creation, precisely what was envisioned when I worked with the General Assembly to develop the STI law and scoring process,” said Governor McCrory.  N.C. Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson said the project will have a major impact on the state’s ports and rail systems. CCX will link the North Carolina State Port at Wilmington with businesses from the Piedmont to the coast, transporting shipping containers over the nationwide rail network. “The CCX project will provide vibrant economic benefits to North Carolina, as well as directly support our state’s transportation network,” said Secretary Tennyson. “The project will strongly compete in the STI.” CSX is committed to investing $150 million – the majority of funds needed to complete the project. CSX and the Upper Coastal Plain Regional Planning Organization submitted the project for $100 million in STI funding from NCDOT. STI uses the Strategic Mobility Formula, a data-driven system for allocating available revenues that allows NCDOT to more efficiently invest its transportation dollars.  When built, the CCX will serve Eastern and Central North Carolina, connecting the regions to markets across the country. The facility will incorporate trucking, rail and shipping industries to help move goods more efficiently.*** NCDOT ***
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1/8/2016: NCDOT Releases January Rail Report

NCDOT Releases January Rail Report

Posted 1/8/2016 3:03:27 PM

RALEIGH - Check out the January Rail Report, featuring stories on:Johnston County Schools and BeRailSafe’s Rail Safety InitiativeGulf & Ohio Railways Selected to Operate Global Trans Park Rail LineSanta TrainRecent EventsPiedmont Improvement Program UpdatesTo read the Rail Report click here. ***NCDOT***
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12/9/2015: NCDOT and UNC Charlotte Announce Rail Workforce Assessment Study

NCDOT and UNC Charlotte Announce Rail Workforce Assessment Study

Posted 12/9/2015 11:14:45 AM

CHARLOTTE - The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Rail Division is collaborating with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) on a Rail Workforce Assessment Study. The study will help determine the need for a North Carolina-based railroad certificate, degree, or training program at one of the state’s colleges or universities. The first phase of the four-phase study will focus on compiling the skills, education, and training needed in both passenger and freight rail operations. It will also help assess the current workforce for the availability of these qualities. “UNC Charlotte's Energy Production and Infrastructure Center is proud to be performing a rail industry workforce assessment for the NCDOT Rail Division,” said David Causey, assistant director of EPIC. “This study will help identify the steps needed to ensure that we are developing the workforce required by our rail carriers, both passenger and freight, as well as their supply chain, so that our transportation network meets the needs of our industries and communities.” A final report is expected June 2016. The information gathered will allow NCDOT to develop future phases of the workforce development study and ultimately partner with the selected educational institution, railroads and other stakeholders to develop and implement curriculum. ***NCDOT***
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