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Crews swapping out traffic barrels for concrete barriers

You may notice that the orange traffic barrels along the new three-mile traffic pattern are being swapped out for concrete barriers this week. This means that there are no shoulders on either side of the I-440 work zone. This pattern will remain in place for the rest of the I-440 phase of the project, which is expected to wrap up late this year.

If you have a breakdown or minor accident in the area, please make every effort to go to the next exit. If you cannot get to the next exit, stay in your car, put on your 4-way flashers and call 911. Help will quickly be on its way.

Be sure to take extra care when navigating through the project zone, and keep it at 55 mph.

Fortify Safety

Driving through construction zones can be somewhat tricky, and since motorist safety is NCDOT’s top concern, we offer this advice for travelers navigating the Fortify Project in Raleigh.