This page contains fee information related to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

For a complete listing of fees & information about all acceptable forms of payment, please contact your local DMV office.

Title, Plate & Other Vehicle Fees

Vehicle Fees

Payments for transactions at License Plate Agencies are accepted in the form of cash, money order, personal checks[?] and debit or credit cards, limited to Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Title & Registration
Certificate of Title $40.00
Corrected or Substitute Certificate of Title $15.00
Duplicate Certificate of Title $15.00
Duplicate Certificate of Title & Removal of Lien(s) or Duplicate Certificate of Title with Correction $15.00
Duplicate or Additional Registration Card $15.00
Duplicate Title with Reassignment $55.00
Failure to Transfer Title Within 28 Days $15.00
Financial Responsibility Civil Penalty $50.00, $100.00, $150.00
Financial Responsibility Restoration Fee $50.00
Financial Responsibility Service Fee $50.00
Instant Title $75.00
Manufacturer or Dealer Certificate of Title $15.00
Recording of Supplemental Lien(s) or Recording Assignment of Lien & Application of Transfer of Lien $15.00
Removal of Lien(s) from Certificate of Title $15.00
Replace Registration Plate $15.00
Repossessor Certificate of Title $15.00
Salvage Title (Form MVR-40 - Raleigh Office Only) $15.00
Stock Car Replacement $25.00
Transfer of Registration $15.00
Safety & On-Board Diagnostic Inspections
On-Board Diagnostic Emissions Inspection [?] $30.00
Safety Inspection [?] $13.60
Notary Acknowledgements
One Signature (Contract Agent) $5.00
One Signature (DMV State Office) $2.00
Three or More Signatures (Contract Agent) $7.00
Three or More Signatures (DMV State Office) $4.00
Two Signatures (Contract Agent) $6.00
Two Signatures (DMV State Office) $3.00
License Plates
All Electric Vehicles are subject to a $100.00 fee in addition to their registration fees $100.00
Handicapped Placards $5.00 each
House Trailer and/or Camping Trailer $11.00
Moped registration fee (Additional fee for these counties: Durham $15, Orange $15, Randolph $1, Wake $5) $18.00
Motorcycle $18.00
Permanent & State Owned Plates $6.00
personalized plate $30.00
Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation Tax for Vehicles Registered in RANDOLPH County [?] $1.00
Plate Fee, Private Passenger Vehicles $28.00
Plate Fee, Private Truck Under 4,000 lbs $28.00
Plate Fee, Private Truck Under 5,000 lbs $43.50
Plate Fee, Private Truck Under 6,000 lbs $51.60
Plate Fee, Trailer or Semi-trailer $19.00
Private Bus (16 Passengers and More) $31.00
Regional Transportation Authority Registration Tax for Vehicles Registered in WAKE [?] $5.00
Standard and Special Plates $30.00
Transfer of Plate $15.00
U-Drive-It Car $51.00
Vehicles Registered in DURHAM Regional Transit Authority Registration Tax $5.00 County Vehicle Registration Tax $10.00 [?] $15.00
Vehicles Registered in ORANGE Regional Transit Authority Registration Tax $5.00 County Vehicle Registration Tax $10.00 [?] $15.00
More Information
Commercial Plates [?] Call 919-715-7000
For Hire Plates [?] Call 919-861-3577
IRP Plates [?] Call 919-861-3720

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