This page contains fee information related to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

For a complete listing of fees & information about all acceptable forms of payment, please contact your local DMV office.

Driver Licensing & Permitting Fees

Licensing Fees

Accepted payment for transactions at DMV Offices include cash, money order or personal checks[?]. We cannot accept debit or credit cards at this time.

Driver License
Class A License [?] $4.00/yr
Class B License [?] $4.00/yr
Class C License [?] $4.00/yr
Duplicate License [?] $10.00
Motorcycle Endorsement $1.75/yr
Learner Permit
Duplicate Permit $10.00
Learner Permit $15.00
Motorycycle Learner Permit $15.00
Commercial Driver License
Application Fee [?] $30.00
CDL Endorsement $3/yr per Endorsement
Class A License, CDL [?] $15.00/yr
Class B License, CDL [?] $15.00/yr
Class C License, CDL [?] $15.00/yr
Duplicate License $10.00
Learner Permit, CDL [?] $15.00
Graduated Licensing
Duplicate $10.00
Full Provisional License (Level 3) [?] $4.00/yr
Limited Learner Permit (Level 1) [?] $15.00
Limited Provisional License (Level 2) [?] $15.00
Temporary Permit $15.00

Licensing Fees, Contact Information

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