The DBPT has an extensive selection of how-to manuals, informative guidebooks, and kits that provide comprehensive information on a variety of topics. These educational materials may be used by the general public, event organizers, teachers, or others. All are downloadable in PDF version. Manuals and guidebooks that are available in hard copy may be requested through the Safety Materials Order Form

Guide to NC Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws

Bicyclists and pedestrians are a growing part of the transportation equation in North Carolina as citizens are encouraged to adopt a more active lifestyle. Many communities are working to make their neighborhoods and downtowns more hospitable to both cyclists and walkers. But these positive changes are happening at the same time that more people are driving more miles in their motor vehicles; thus, the chances of clashes and crashes with motor vehicles increases for those walking and bicycling.

This guide-intended for use by educators, law enforcement officials, planners, and citizens-serves as a valuable tool and reference document for education and enforcement of bicycle and pedestrian laws.

Note: There has been a revision to the law on impaired driving to include bicycle.

G.S. 20-138.1 Impaired Driving

This update is incorporated in the electronic version of guidebook available here, but hard copies or previously saved electronic versions may contain the repealed language.

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Streetwise Cycling - Guide to Safe Bicycling in North Carolina

Streetwise Cycling Guide

The purpose of the Streetwise Cycling guide is to explain the rights and duties of bicyclists, as vehicle operators on North Carolina's roads. Additional information on traffic riding, handling skills, and equipment is included to encourage more proficient riding. Streetwise Cycling was originally published in 1988, due to its popularity an updated Streetwise Cycling has been printed and is now available in a PDF format.

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Bicycle Events - A Community Guide

This 32-page booklet outlines suggested bicycle events and promotions. It includes information on how to mobilize community resources and how to work with the media.

Bicycle Rodeo Kit

Bicycle rodeos are a hands-on educational tool in which an on-bike skills training event is organized. Rodeos can target one classroom at a school or a whole community. They can vary in number of stations set up, depending on space and time available. The key is to provide immediate feedback to participants in a fun, controlled environment.

Two of the more comprehensive guides available to organizers were produced by Cornell University and the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation. Note that these guides were developed in other states, so be sure to refer to North Carolina laws on hand signals, helmet requirements, and other rules of the road that may vary from other states.

This kit also includes an 11X17 customizable Poster to announce your local bicycle rodeo that provides space for date, time, place and other event information; a Bicycle Inspection Form with a checklist of parts and space to note problems; and a Certificate to be awarded upon successful completion of a rodeo course. These three items may be ordered online in quantities of 500 or less through the Safety Materials Order Form.

For a more in-depth bicycle education program that goes beyond the rodeo, consider the Basics of Bicycling curriculum package, which contains two classroom lessons and five on-bicycle courses targeting 4th graders. This instructor's guide with accompanying video are for 'Loan Only'. This item set may be ordered online through the Safety Materials Order Form, be sure to reserve in advance and return within one week.

School Crossing Guard Training Manual

Simple instructions guide the crossing guard trainers on how to use the manual and present the training material. Some of the main elements covered in this manual include, crossing procedures, characteristics of children in traffic, responsibilities of the crossing guard, emergency procedures, signalization and traffic signs, professional guidelines, and legal issues.

NC Bicycle Helmet Campaign Guide

This comprehensive manual provides information on how to conduct an awareness campaign to increase bicycle helmet use. It includes case studies, sample budgets, and references and contacts. This guide is for 'Loan Only'. This item set may be ordered online through the Safety Materials Order Form, be sure to reserve in advance and return within one week.