Riding Tips for Cyclists

These riding tips explain the legal requirements for cyclists and offer guidelines for preventing crashes and protecting yourself in traffic. Remember that motorists are more likely to see you and treat you with respect if you behave like a vehicle operator and communicate your intentions.

Bicycling is a great way to get around. And North Carolina is an ideal place to bicycle. Climate, terrain, a rich history, and the many miles of pleasant country roads and off-road trails and greenways combine to provide for a great experience for any type of cyclist -- long-distance tourist, recreational rider, commuter, or mountain biker. There is a wide range in one’s skill and comfort level with bicycling in a variety of conditions. Some use their bicycles purely for recreational purposes, while others depend on their bicycle for everyday trips like getting to work or running errands.

Bicyclists on the road

Whether your bicycle travel includes a short trip through the neighborhood or an adventure across the state, the resources in this section may be useful you and help you make the most of traveling by bicycle. So grab your bike and get ready to ride!

Types of Cycling

This section includes information on and for the four basic types of bicyclist – the commuter, the tourist, the mountain biker, and the recreational greenway trail rider. Access tips, popular touring rides, important traveler information, and more.


Bicycle Maps

Working with local cyclists, the Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation has created a series of touring maps covering different portions of the state. The DBPT has also worked with localities to develop maps of county and regional bicycle route systems. In addition, urban maps that show cyclists how to get around town by bike are available for most of the state’s metropolitan areas. This section of our site describes this wealth of maps, provides digital images for many of them, and also offers ordering information.

Traveling With Your Bicycle

Bicycling is a great way to get around. Cyclists, who use their bicycle not only for recreational purposes but also as a form of transportation, generally confine their trips to nearby destinations within a manageable biking distance. However, it is possible to expand the geographic area accessible to you by bike by taking your bike with you on other modes of transportation. Learn more about traveling with your bicycle on these other modes:

Bicycle Advocacy Groups

Citizens can get involved to help create bicycle-friendly conditions within their communities. By participating in public involvement processes through local governments, citizens can advocate for bicycle improvements that enhance the convenience and safety of bicycling to places important to them. Many different groups—on the local, state, and national levels—sponsor bicycle activities and work to improve conditions for cyclists. Use the links below to access some of these organizations, many of which have additional resources on their websites.